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Sichuan Festalight Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

LED rope lights, LED string lights, LED neon lights, LED strip lights, LED motifs lights, LED curtain lights, LED ici...

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  • Phone: +86-825-2910998
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    N0. 1 Jintong Road, Suining, Sichuan, China
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Company Profile
Festalight is an established manufacturer and supplier of outdoor decorative lights with choices for every style and function. Festalight's primary products include LED rope lights, LED string lights, LED neon lights, LED strip lights, LED motifs lights, LED curtain lights, and LED icicle lights. Since 2009, Festalight has focused on being a customer-centric company that delivers consistently superior value to its partners with innovative and cost-effective decorative lighting solutions.

Festalight provides an array of festive scene lighting products with choices of every taste and function to deliver stunning lighting effects for home exteriors, residential communities, landscaping projects, commercial and municipal properties. The company's water and weather resistant LED rope lights come with highly flexible crystal clear PVC tubing that can contour any angle and be configured into any shape for endless applications in illuminating building structures, windows, walkways, patios, garden paths, decks, porches and much more. Festalight's LED string Lights are designed for application on trees and surrounding structures to transform your space with a romantic, soft glow. LED neon signs are the perfect visual display to highlight themes of any nighttime environment or light up parties, wedding receptions, intimate gatherings and business events. Festalight's creatively designed and rigorously engineered LED decorative and novelty lights offer virtually limitless design and installation possibilities to add an aesthetically enchanted glow to any space.

Festalight's turnkey manufacturing solutions feature superior efficiency in product development, mass production and order delivery. Its uncompromising emphasis on aesthetics, durability and performance is reflected in an ISO9001 compliant work flow to maintain the highest standards for design and workmanship. With its industry experience, engineering expertise, integrated manufacturing facilities and a skilled workforce, Festalight is poised to bring you the best contract manufacturing solution to exceed your high expectations.
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